Dairy Lagoon Treatment / Bio Logical Solutions
  • Ensures rapid biological start-up
  • Enhances and accelerates the biological Digestion of animal wastes
  • Reduces costs of manure pit maintenance and drainage
  • Breaks up solids and decreases organic content
  • Improves overall quality

Bio Logical Solutions


Self dissolving - just toss them in!

Greatly accelerates manure digestion, Significant reduction of ammonia nitrates, phosphorous, all micronutrients and odor

About Our Company

Dairy Lagoon Treatment / Bio Logical Solutions

Bio Logical Solution, Inc. was organized in 2003 after purchasing a major lagoon treatment company. The owner, Marvin Lundman, has been working with lagoon products since 1995.

Marvin has been on hundreds of dairies, feedlots, and swine farms, training people around the country to effectively treat bacteria growth. Because proper application of bacteria treating substances is important, Marvin personally visits lagoons in order to provide more effective and efficient consultation and training.

Marvin was raised on a farm and knows the power of effective products that are user friendly. Because our products are so effective and easy to use, the largest animal health distributors in the world distribute them.